ARL Productions | About


ARL Productions is mainly a  husband (Albert) and wife (Tracy) team.  But from time to time, we do receive a little extra help from our photographer and videographer friends that we've made through the years. 


Established in late 2012, in San Diego, CA, ARL Productions didn't have much to start with. In other words, one camera and next to no experience. But, with ambition and heart, there was a vision to be realized. Through MANY trials and errors, we have been able to grow our experience in a short amount of time. But even with as much experience we have gained, we cannot deny that we still have much to learn. 


So, here we are in 2016. What have we done since 2012? 

We have photographed and filmed weddings, funerals, birthday parties of all ages, corporate parties, small business videos, real estate properties, engagements, family, maternity, newborns, bands in studio and live shows and demo reels, although we yet have to shoot our own. 


BUT, ARL Productions doesn't stop at photography and videography. We've started making prints in house. As large as 24" wide. In addition to prints, we have added custom vinyl decal making and will soon be adding glassware and silverware rentals to our services. 

The long term goal of ARL Productions is to to fulfill just about every need our clients, both businesses and individuals, may have.


Thank you for checking us out!